At OMNI Engineering, Inc. we provide our customers with custom stamping services in an efficient, modern climate controlled, 20,000 square foot production facility. We produce copper based, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, or precious metal inlaid parts up to 3” wide and between 0.001” to 0.32” thick. Our micrograin carbide tooling holds tolerances as tight as +/-0.0005”. Bruderer presses are rated from 22 to 30 tons and run at speeds between 200 to 1500 strokes per minute, with single or multiple cavity dies. Maximum press stroke is 1.8” and maximum bed size is 24” X 15” wide. We primarily serve the aerospace, military, automotive, consumer electronics, computer, telecommunications and medical industries by producing components for products such as connectors, retaining clips, flashlights, heat sinks, contact springs, and terminals.

Our engineering and die makers provide continuous scheduled maintenance, on customer owned tooling at no additional charge, preventing costly downtime. We take pride in building and maintaining great customer relationships, providing KanBans and JIT deliveries tailored to individual customer needs. Our expertise allows us to also provide engineering support such as new design or design improvements that can enhance manufacturability. During production, we utilize real-time SPC software that is interfaced with data collectors to provide up-to-date process performance to production operators.

At OMNI we take quality seriously. Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified, we employ inspection methods such as an OGP F.O.V. (Field of View) Smartscope automated video measuring system, comparators, toolmaker’s microscopes, laser micrometers, and other precision measurement equipment. For more information about our custom progressive die precision metal stamping capability, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Progressive Dies Metal Stamping Specifications

Production Method

Progressive Die

Progressive Die

Custom Stamping
Production Run

Multi-Station Progressive Dies

Production Capabilities

Thin Gauge
High Speed
Micro Miniature

Mass Volume Parts

Press Rating

22 to 30 Ton Bruderer Presses

Press Speed

200 to 1500 strokes / min
Single and Multiple cavity dies

Maximum Press Stroke

Up to 1.8 in

Maximum Press Bed Length

24 in

Maximum Press Bed Width

15 in


Copper Based
Stainless Steel
Beryliium Copper
Nickel Silver
Stainless Steel

Phosphor Bronze
Precious Metals with Inlays

Part Width

Up to 3 in

Part Thickness

.001 to .032 in

Tolerance (+/-)

Dimensional: +/- 0.0005″
Angular: +/- 1/2°

Tooling Materials

Micrograin Carbide
Steel Grade D-2 / A-2

Inspection Equipment

OGP F.O.V. (Field of View) Smartscope (Video Measuring system)
Digital Gram Force Testing
Laser micrometer
Toolmaker Microscopes
Digital Micrometers
Gage Inspections

Quality Control

Real Time SPC interfaced with data collectors
Barcode labels complies to Automotive AIAG B-10 Format

Additional Services Provided

Heat Treating

Engineering (Design Support and Auto CAD)


20,000 to 1,000,000,000 pieces
Prototyping Available

Typical Lead Time

2 to 4 weeks
Material Dependent
Expedited Deliveries

Just In Time (JIT)
Blanket Orders

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Consumer Electronics


Delivery Location

United States

Central America

Intended Applications

Trimming Potentiometers
Retainer Clips
High AMP Contacts
Heat Sinks

Contact Springs
Contacts (Battery, Board, Interconnect)

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawings

ASTM Specifications
Military Standards
Industry Specific Standards

File Formats

Espirit 3D